Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Developer Approval!

Exciting news arrived today.

After initially being told it would be a few weeks before we received developer approval because of a required change in front facade to meet developer guidelines, we opened a very nice email informing us that our plans had been approved by Lendlease in only 2 days! Talk about a quick turn around!

All we need to do now is wait for final engineering to be completed, checked and approved which should happen this week! Next steps as outlined by Boutique below.

"On the receipt of your final engineering which is due by the end of the week. We will be using this information to be updating onto your plans accordingly and they will then be ready for the next stage; scheduling of all orders and also a Quality Assurance check of all documentation. When the Quality Assurance check is completed we will apply for your Building Permit and also forward copies of your plans stamped Final for Construction and also your Final Colour Addenda to you for your review and approve prior to moving your file to construction."

I've included some of the approved plans also.

The landscaping plan as proposed by Lendlease.
Ours will not look like this however we will have to follow similar guidelines

Internal Floor Plan
Front Facade. Note the change in facade from the Modern to the Metro.
The reason for the change was that Lendlease require the porch to sit out from the
front line of the bedroom/garage.

Lighting Plan
Really excited for the final steps before we pass to construction! Can't be long now!