Monday, April 24, 2017

Swimming Pool Progress!

Today was a very exciting day with the swimming pool going in.

They managed to complete 90% of the excavation on the Monday. On Wednesday the pool shell will be delivered and installed with the plumbing and equipment to follow.

After that the concreting, paving and fencing will happen.

We were very lucky with rock during the excavation today. It looks like most of the rock is around the 2M depth mark so they only had to spend an hour or so breaking up the rock near the deep end. The rest they could leave. You can see in one of the photos what they had to remove.

I estimate they removed around 10 truck loads with 4-5 remaining on site to remove on Wednesday.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blinds, Driveway!

It has been very busy over the last couple of weeks. We have moved in 90% of our belongings with only a little bit to go. Appliances will be installed next week and then the move is 100% completed.

Blinds were installed last week and the driveway was finished today.

Unfortunately with all the bad weather a few weeks ago the pool install was pushed back which means the fence was also delayed. Hopefully they can make a start on both next week.

I have also purchased material for the alfresco deck which I will be building myself so I will keep you updated to that progress as well.

See photos below of blinds and driveway progress.
Media Room - Wall to wall block our curtain
with screen blind behind
Living area. Main doors just block out. Side windows have block out and screen.
Bathrooms have block out only due to the frosted glass.
Main Bed - Wall to wall sheer curtain with block our blind behind
Day 1. Final excavation and frame and metal work completed.

Day 2. Concrete poor. When the poor is complete and leveled they add a special chemical which reacts with the top layer of the concrete causing it to never dry or set. They can then come back the next day and wash the top layer off exposing the concrete.

 Day 3. The soft top layer is washed off. They then add the expansion cuts into the concrete to reduce the chance of cracking and then acid wash it to give it a final clean. The only thing do to now (it is optional) is to seal the surface. Doing this will protect the aggregate however also give it an almost permanent "wet" look which will be darker and more impressive.

Monday, April 10, 2017

And we are in!

Yep, finally after a long 8 months we have finally received the keys.

After another meeting with our Regional Building Manager to sign off the outstanding QA inspection issues we signed off on the home and arrange a hand over date.

We picked up the keys on the 07/04 at the Boutique Office in Docklands and drove straight back to the house to change the key locks. We will not be having the appliances installed until our fences goes in to make sure they aren't stolen however we will be staying there at night to make sure.

Kitchen Pendant Lights in

Started styling already!
Whilst the build process has finished the next 4 weeks will be just as busy. We have the swimming pool booked to be installed, along with the fence, blinds, driveway and appliances.

I'll update the blog this week with more detailed photos!