Monday, January 11, 2016

Plenty of houses in the sea..

After spending hours (literally hours and hours) looking up builders and house designers on the internet I stumbled onto a floor plan that was surprising similar to the Langdon.

The house was from Boutique Homes. You can compare the plans below. The Langdon is on the left.

The house from Boutique Homes (right hand side) is the St Tropez 28.

The overall house size was exactly the same. The difference seemed to be in a slightly smaller living area in the St Tropez to allow an addition of a home office. The kitchen was also a little smaller and didn't have the corner bench top leading towards the laundry.

With our interest peaked we decided to take a drive out to the only display in or around Melbourne in Clyde North (around 1 hour 10 minutes away).

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