Wednesday, January 18, 2017

External Lockup and pre-painting

It has been a few weeks since our last post. A busy time at work in the lead up to Christmas and then we managed to get away to QLD for New Years which was nice and relaxing!

Just before Christmas Boutique managed to reach external lock up and finish the plastering inside. It was good to see that they also worked through Boxing day and the days between Christmas and New Years to finish some smaller jobs.

Since New Years they have completed a lot of work and we were able to see it all today with a site tour with our build supervisor. Stephen was fantastic and gave us all the time we needed to have a good look around. I believe we were there for nearly 45 minutes and he never tried to wrap it up at all!

The items we saw completed are as follows.

- All plastering except for the garage is complete. They are hoping to complete the garage this week.
- They have added skirting boards to all the walls and finished and prepared the square set cornice for painting.
- They have prepared the plaster walls for painting by sanding back the walls to a smooth finish.
- All external brick work is complete except for the front facade which is just waiting for a fascia plate and cladding.
- They have installed the cement sheeting in the eaves.
- Cabinetry has been delivered and installed in all rooms (Kitchen/Bathrooms/Laundry) Just waiting for the caesar stone and appliances.
- All internal doors and frames have been hung. The proper front door has also been installed.

During our site visit we also got to talking about the next stages of the build. Hopefully at the end of this week all pre-painting and waterproofing work will be finished. We will have our independent inspector go through early next week and then over the next couple of weeks should see all the painting completed.

After the painting all they need to do is lay the tiles and carpet, door handles and electrical switches/lights and install appliances.

Our site supervisor goes on leave on the 5th of March and he is hoping to have everything complete and handed over before then. He is also going to try to get approval for us to get the pool company in before handover to excavate the area ready for pool installation!

Below are some photos of the kitchen and ensuite cabinetry. You can see the square set cornices in a few of the photos and we think they look great!