Thursday, September 29, 2016

And so it begins.....

On the 13th of September the fence was put up around our block. Since then nothing has happened and it was pretty frustrating watching the other Boutique Home and Home-buyers Center homes in our street make it to slab stage. My theory was that they were actually going to concentrate on completing the slab stages on those builds before starting ours however this was literally just my reasoning on why nothing had happened yet.

Chantelle emailed us late last week advising that the site set out and cut would start this week however from Monday - Wednesday nothing happened. With the good weather we had it was extremely frustrating driving past and not seeing any action. I actually drive through the area on my way to work and can see our block from a main road. This is both good and bad. Good because I can keep and eye on the progress however also bad because I also get to see when nothing happens!

On Wednesday afternoon Chantelle sent her weekly email advising that the set out would be complete this week with the full cut due next week.

With that newest update and knowing that today was the last work day of the week I stopped by the block and found that they had actually started digging and preparing the site for the layout and pipes/electricity. It was great knowing that works had actually started however frustrating knowing they started the day before a 3 day weekend and nothing would probably happen until next week.

Here's hoping that the weather holds up and the next two weeks go past with a lot more action on the block!

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