Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Frame Progress - Independent Inspections

It has been less than two weeks and we have seen a fair bit of action. The slab sat for a week and got to dry out a bit which was great. I know nowadays it isn't required for slabs to cure for as long as they use different materials and difference processes than they used to however it is nice knowing it had time to set before they start drilling into it.

As of today most of the walls and window framing is up and they have started on the roof. Hopefully they can finish the roof trusses this week and maybe see some gutters/windows and tiles next week!

For those interested we are also engaging an independent inspector to review each stage of our build. This isn't something that is required however if you don't have one you will have to rely on the builder to pick up their own mistakes.

We have chosen to go with Darbecca. There are plenty of positive reviews on the Homeone Forums that we frequent which was the main reason we decided on them. We have selected to go with every stage inspection they offer. It is costly however we believe the piece of mind in knowing everything is correct is worth it in the long run.

The way it works is that you need to notify your builder that you want certain stages inspected by an independent party. The builder then has an obligation to advise you when each stage is going to be ready (usually a couple of days in advance). Once you are notified you need to advise your inspector when and where to attend to take a tour of the construction with your build site inspector (and yourself if you choose to attend). Once completed the inspector will write up a report to pass on to you and your builder. It is then up to you to ensure any issues are rectified before moving on with the next stage.

I will post their single story pricing structures below. Please note that this is what we were quoted. Prices may have changed since then. You can check them out in more detail at

Stage Inspections
Single Storey – Standard Pricing
Single Storey – Discount Pricing
Pre Pour/Steel Inspections
$490.00 + GST
$470.00 + GST
Slab Inspection
$330.00 + GST
$0  (combined with frame inspection)
Frame Inspection
$495.00 + GST
$450.00 + GST  (inc. complimentary slab inspection)
Pre Plaster/Lock up
$495.00 + GST
$450.00 + GST  (inc. complimentary frame reinspection)
Pre Paint/Fixing Inspections
$495.00 + GST
$450.00 + GST
Waterproofing Inspections
$430.00 + GST
$390.00 + GST ($120.00+ GST if combined with Fixing)
PCI/Final Inspections
$630.00 + GST
$550.00 + GST
Re Inspections
$385.00 + GST
$350.00 + GST

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