Monday, March 6, 2017

Caesarstone, Splashback and Tiling

In my last post I outlined some issues we were having with our build and the quality being picked up by our inspectors. As a result of raising my concerns with Boutique an on site meeting and walk through was arranged so the Regional Building Manager could walk me through the build and explain how and what they would be doing to fix the issues.

The walk took around an hour and the RBM took the time to go through each point one at a time to make sure I understood the issue and how it would be fixed. It really helped put my mind at ease regarding some of these issues.

I also took this opportunity to point out some other smaller issues that I had noticed that I wanted addressed. Things like cracked door frame, wrong colour walls and curved or bowed skirting. All of which the RBM assured me would be fixed.

At this stage of the build the floor leveling had started in preparation of the tilers starting. This involved grinding down raised sections of the concrete slab or raising it up by using self leveling mortar. They also prepared the shower bases.

Slab being ground down so it would be more level

A few days later we had a peak through the windows and noticed the Caesarstone benches in the ensuite, bathroom and kitchen had been installed. It was an awesome surprise as we were under the impression it was still weeks away and we had been hanging out to get a look at it!

Caesarstone bench in Fresh Concrete

Ensuite Caesarstone in Raw Concrete

Main bathroom Caesarstone in Fresh Concrete
Not long after that surprise the tiling started. They started on a Friday and managed to get all tiles laid by Monday by working on the Saturday. This included the ensuite, bathroom and laundry splashbacks. All they have to do now is add the grout!

Dining Room - Galileo Disk Grey Glazed Porcelain 600X600

Looking towards powder room and bathroom

Looking towards laundry

Dining Room
The only downside we experienced over the lasts couple of weeks was the cladding on the facade. It appears that the wrong material has been ordered and instead of an horizontal cladding installed around the main bedroom window it was vertical. It looked weird from the moment we saw it and as soon as I raised this with the RBM he advised that he would chase up the correct material. Hopefully that is installed over the next week or so.

Vertical style cladding. Should be horizontal
From here they will grout all the tiles and then start the electrical works. Shower screens and basic fittings will also be installed. Carpet will be later on and the last coats of paint will be finished a couple of days before the pre-completion inspection. We have been asked to book in our PCI with our independent inspector on the 23rd of March. Fingers crossed for minimal issues and a sooner rather than later completion date!

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