Monday, May 1, 2017

Swimming Pool - Day 2,3 and 4 Update

The pool excavation went relatively smoothly on day 1 only encountering a little bit of rock. Unfortunately Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday were all extremely wet. Upon looking into the site on Tuesday we found that the walls of the hole had started collapsing.

It looks like the ground wasn't very stable around the storm water pipes which run around the house. In most cases they would be fine however as we had dug down beside them it made them even more unstable and it was the first spot to fall.

Rainwise attended on Tuesday afternoon (Fantastic Service) and brought a pump to drain the water out. We had to use this a couple of times on Tuesday and Wednesday to keep the hole empty. The water was filling up in the hole very quickly as the untitled land behind us is still be excavated and the water is draining towards the hole.

 On Wednesday morning they delivered the pool as it had been pre-booked and they couldn't cancel it. They had to leave it on our next door neighbours vacant land (we had permission) however this worked out okay as they had plenty of space to run the pipes and plumbing before they lowered it into the hole.

On Thursday morning at 7:30am they arrived on site and brought another excavator with them. This wasn't the original plan however they had to fix the pool hole. Took them an hour or so to repair the damaged hole then we waited until the pool plumbing was finished before they could move it into permission.

It was great watching the team do it. They had 7 people on site today all doing their own tasks to get the pool into permission.

Once the pool was in the hole they added a sand/concrete mix to back fill the sides. This was quite time consuming as the excavator could only bring the mix closer to the pool. It still had to be hand shoveled into the hole. At around 3pm the pool was in and the backfill was about half way up the pool.

They stopped the backfill at that height on purpose as any higher and the pool shell can warp under the weight. Water will be delivered tomorrow morning and after that they will continue backfilling and filling with water until it is full.

 On Friday they started filling the pool with water. They used around 6 trucks to fill it all up (11 thousand litres). They filled to the child safety step around the pool which was the height of the backfill. After this point they alternated between filling and back filling to make sure the pool stayed straight and didn't bow.

During this time they also installed the pool equipment, lights, wet deck plumbing and anything else required to run the pool. By the end of the day they fence it all off and are due back on Monday morning to finish of the plumbing, top the water level up, excavate the underground pool cover and concrete the base for the coping tiles.

Some other things going on at the same time as the pool was the side LHS side fence being finished. The Rear and RHS won't be done until the pool is completed. Overall we we quite happy with the quality.

Our appliances were installed. This included the Heating and Cooling! We love the Westinghouse, so very glad we chose them over the Ilve range.

We also had pet door installed. Now our pets are free to come and go. Well, until we get a backyard!

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