Friday, December 9, 2016

Frame Progress - Roof on, bricks delivered, Pre-plaster Inspection

Just a quick update to what has happened over the last week and a half.

As a result of the slab/frame inspection the site has been cleaned up a lot and most of the defects have been rectified.

Before site clean

The roof has also been installed and the bricks have been delivered to the site.



Austral Settler Pepperwood (Cat 3)
Different coloured bricks for under the render

They have also started (and almost finsihed) electrical, plumbing and insulation. The heating/cooling has been installed into the roof cavity. Solar heater water panel is on the roof also. It is really moving.

We have been advised that next week the bricks and plaster will be installed. I believe they are aiming for lock up just before Christmas.

Today we also had our Pre-plaster inspection. This report was very detailed and over 30 pages long. I'm very happy that we choose to get these inspections done as I can't imagine what would have happened if these points were not rectified. Part of this inspection also included a re-inspection of the previous slab/frame issues raised. Most of these points have now been fixed with the exception of 2 which is a work in progress.

Some of the issues picked up on the Pre-plaster inspection are;

- The gutters are not installed properly meaning that they are not level and water could pool in the wrong ends. There is also a lot of rubbish and material left over from the tile installation which needs to be removed.

- Flashing and cladding have not been installed meaning the roof is not 100% watertight.

- Sewer vents on the roof have not be insulated to prevent water leaking.

- The masonite packers to straighten out the walls have not been attached with the correct fittings.

- Some of the windows haven't been installed with the correct headspace and gap.

- The laundry bulkhead has been made using the roof truss which is not to code. It will have to be redone.

- There is no clear walkway between the manhole and heater platform in the roof which will need to be installed.

Those are the main points which we have officially requested Boutique to rectify before moving on with the next stages. This may slow down progress on the build however it is important that these are fixed now so to not cause issues in the future.

Hopefully next week I can update the blog with photos of the bricks and plaster!

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