Monday, December 19, 2016

After handover lighting selections

Over the last couple of weeks we have been keeping an eye out for the after handover lighting we will need to have installed. We need the following;

2 wall mounted lights for either side of the ensuite mirrors
2 ceiling fans for alfresco area
Pendant light for the dining area

Last weekend we found just what we were looking for. We had been trawling through catalogs and lighting shops however never really finding what we wanted. This included around 10 separate trips into Beacon. Beacon supply the light fittings for the Boutique builds so we always ended up coming back here.

The below were the selections we have chosen.
2 Airfusion A60 DC Fans.  $695 each
2 wall mounted ensuite mirror lights.
We will change the globe to a crisp white to avoid
the yellow tinge in the photo. $199 each

Our dining pendant light is a little more complicated.

We will be installing a ceiling plate to hold 4 individual pendant lights suspended at different heights in a row. This will match our rectangular dining table. The total cost of this setup is $503.

ceiling plate to run pendant lights
LED globes.
Looks much better than the standard filament
 and last longer. Also puts out more light.
The light fitting. Remove the ceiling plate and
light globe and add our options instead.

Picture this type of light setuip with our plate
and the lights at staggered random heights

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