Monday, January 11, 2016

Negotiating the quote

After looking at the quote for a few days the agent emailed us back removing $30k from the quote. A excellent result, until we read through it. Basically all they did was left all the structural changes and reverted all the upgrades back to standard. Laminate bench tops anyone!?? I don't think so!

More discussions with the agent and we decided that we had to stick with some of the display options. Natalie was really set on the display standard kitchen and bathroom. After all that is what made the house and the reason we liked it in the first place. I loved the alfresco doors and felt this is what would best compliment the pool area.

A few more discussions and emails with the agent and he mentioned that he would try to add the luxury inclusions package for us. Basically you spend around $20k in one package and this upgrades all your choices to a higher category hopefully saving you money at the same time.

However that was also a disappointment because of the display options we had included. It turns out the display options are in a standard they do not offer in their normal packages which basically means you are paying that extra money for only a few areas of the house. Your displays options still cost you more!

Luxury inclusions are listed below. The package is not always offered and the price varies on the size of the house you are interested in.


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