Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Journey Begins


Our journey begins with a snap decision to purchase a block of land due to title in May of 2016. We had been half heatedly keeping an eye out for land for some time and Natalie heard about a new release in the Aurora Estate in Wollert, North of Melbourne. We had to register our interest through a website at a specific time. This would secure a position in the queue to look at put a deposit down on some land.

We looked at the blocks available and were happy to see some large sized blocks. With the dream of having a decent backyard with a swimming pool we decided it would be worth registering our interest to view the pricing.

As luck would have it (or Natalie's determination to register on the website as soon as it opened) we managed to secure position number 2 out of 70 interested parties. All were hoping to have a chance to look at and purchase 1 of 15 available blocks in the stage.

With our position secured we had to arrange a meeting with the land agent. During this meeting we had to inform the agent of our preferences. As luck would have it we found out the other party who was ahead of us in the queue decided to withdraw their interested in the new stage. This effectively meant we had our choice of any of the blocks in the stage! A great feeling!

After informing the agent of the blocks we were interested in (we were able to choose 3) we then had to arrange another meeting to come in and put down a $1,000 deposit to secure our position and interest in the blocks. This basically meant that no one else could take the blocks form us for a period of 7 days.

After a few days of discussions between ourselves and some further discussions with the bank to find out if we could afford the block (including the house and future pool) we made the appointment to pay the 10% deposit and purchase the block of land! The block is due to title in May of 2016! They also gave us a little care package!

And the block below. At 715m2 quite a nice size! Second biggest in the stage and one of the biggest in the whole development!

Exciting times ahead!

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