Monday, January 11, 2016

St Tropez - A guided tour

Wow. That is pretty much all we could say.

After Natalie and I spent all week back and forth on the Langdon home and what we had seen in St Tropez we were a little underwhelmed by the thought of the guided tour. We actually went into the tour thinking that we were just there to compare prices, knowing that we would eventually end up back at the Langdon.

The actual experience was just so different to what we had experienced at Metricon.

We were greeted by Troy at the display office in Clyde North for our private tour. The St Tropez was closed to the public for the duration of our tour so we could walk through and speak as much as was required. Not long after the walk through started Mina also joined us. 2 agents just for us!

The experience was such a pleasure. Both Mina and Troy were extremely friendly and it never really felt like we were there for a quote. It just felt like we were there speaking casually to experts regarding the home and they could answer every question on the spot. Mina was amazing. She really knows her stuff and was reeling off additions and extras like they were second nature.

We spent over an hour and a half walking through each room of the house discussing the options and inclusions we were interested in. We were surprised and delighted to find that most of the display was standard. There wasn't really a whole lot that we needed to upgrade.

The more time we spent in the display talking about it with the agents the more it grew on us. By the time we were ready to leave the house an go back to the office to display the quote we could hardly contain our excitement.

While we waited for Mina and Troy to prepare the PWC (preliminary works contract) Natalie and I took a walk through the other displays. We were not really looking at anything in particular, just excitingly discussing what we had just experienced.

Upon returning to the office Mina and Troy let us know the PWC costs. We were quoted the same site costs as Metricon (around $20k). The base house costs were more expensive than the Langdon which is what we expected from our tour around the home and looking at the standard inclusions (around $230k at time of PWC). As a result of the high base and impressive inclusions we only added $75k (compared to $130k at Metricon) in variations which was mostly made up of the major structural variations like the 3rd Garage, Extended Alfresco, Powder Room, Extended Pantry, Double triple stacker alfresco doors with support pole deletion. This also includes a electrical credit of $5k and a colour showroom credit of $3k to spend on whatever we wish. Because the overall costs were lower than expected we added the luxury of some refrigerated cooling.

In the end the total price comes in slightly under the quote from Metricon. However keep in mind that the boutique quote is basically a finished home with very little we will need to spend. Natalie and I are allowing a few thousand dollars extra to upgrade some of the fittings however we really aren't expecting to spend it as the showroom credit should cover most of it.

Mina drew up a scale geo-siting of the house on the block. You can see that with the 3rd garage and the extended alfresco it really creates the perfect entertaining area around the pool. The house is positioned the minimum 1.2M from the left boundry to create the most room possible for the pool. With the angle of the frontage we will have a long driveway however we don't mind this as it just creates more room for parking. With all that in mind we still have a 20m X 5.6m back yard. and a house of around 30sqm.

Overall Natalie and I couldn't fault the experience with Mina and Troy. In a total of 2 face to face conversations we had such a clear understanding and detailed quoted price for what we wanted compared with 5 - 6 face to face conversations and numerous emails with Metricon.

We left the Clyde North display home extremely excited with our heart now firmly set on the St Tropez. A colour show room appointment has been made for Wednesday and after this point we will need to decide if we put down a deposit to secure the PWC.

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