Sunday, January 10, 2016

Choosing a house!

With the land secured we started looking for a house to suit the block and the future pool. We both decided that we would find a house that suited a pool and not a pool that suited the house. Probably not the smartest idea however we were really set on a pool and now that we had a block big enough we felt we didn't want to waste the space.

With that in mind we wanted to find something with a great indoor/outdoor entertaining area which would open up into the pool area.

As luck would have it, it didn't take long.

We stumbled across the Langdon 28 from Metricon. A house that could be seen as too small for the block however once a pool was added would fit perfectly.

Natalie fell in love with the kitchen area immediately. The cupboard space going around the corner towards the laundry was excellent. I loved the open plan family/dining and the 2 stacker doors with the pillar delete which really opened up the space and turned the out door room into an extended family room. Just imagine this with a pool running a long side!

Because of the 20M frontage to our block we decided that we would have a 3rd garage option. This would create the perfect space for the pool behind it and help settle the house on the street so it wasn't dwarfed by the land. I jumped in Photoshop and drew up some scale plans of how I saw the house sitting on the block. The pool in the image below is 10m X 4m.

The green is the easement at the back of the block. The blue is the minimum 4m setback. You can also see that I have flipped the plan and then flipped the front back so the living area is facing north and the garage and pool could also be on the north side.

At this point we were very excited and couldn't wait to see this develop into our dream home!

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